Metropolis pt. 1

Master Plan

Redevelop a sprawling satellite town as a dense urban centre

Bramalea, ON


Community Recreation Centre 3,500m2; Public Transit Terminal 600m2; Condominiums 10,000m2


Bramalea City Centre was opened in 1973 by developers as a central shopping area to accommodate rapid population growth. The intention of this Master Plan is to explore further potentials of this site, beyond accommodation of car culture.

Initial studies analyzed several European ‘Old Towns’ and compared land use between dense communities and sprawling satellite cities, or, between the efficiency required by limited resources and wasteful practices. Density was created by filling the excessive car parks with pedestrian paths among mix-use buildings and upgrading public transit services. The secondary traffic corridor to the west becomes the new Main Street, creating a downtown for the community.

A Residential/Recreation/Transit Hub was further developed as the initial catalyst for change. It was designed as a gate linking Main Street with the shopping centre and a perpendicular axis with the expanded civic centre at the east end of the site.



Concept sketches